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Knowing Your Frequency: 3 Simple Steps to Getting What You Truly Desire

Many times when we want to create something new in our life we go at it with this initial excitement. Yet, if we could probe our mind and thoughts we might discover that we keep replaying the same negative and discouraged frequency again and again. Often times it’s a frequency of lack. In this article, I want to give you some suggestions that have helped me transform my reality very quickly.

What Message Is Spirit Trying to Send You Today?

Have you ever wondered if Spirit, God Source, and the angels are trying to send you signals? I believe that Source sends us messages every day but often times we don’t want to hear them.

Do Yourself a Favor, Pray the Rosary

Pray the rosary everyday. The rosary has powers that few realize. If you pray the rosary for a three month duration you will come to understand that the heavenly mother is with you.

Finding Your Purpose in Life With God

Living without a purpose, is like driving with your eyes closed. It’s so important to find your purpose in Life. To find your best purpose in life, is to seek God. I have enclosed Bible verses for you to read and questions to answer. Once you have answered the questions, you should have a good idea what’s your purpose in Life.

Why Most Self Help Books Don’t Work

Most self help books tell you what you must do to achieve a goal. They unfortunately overlook the fact that people have ingrained thought patterns which sabotage their improvement effort. Without showing you how to change these underlying patterns of thought, being told to change is simply not going to work.

Law of Attraction and Money – How to Attract The Wealth You Desire

Have you ever tried to attract more money… and not been successful at it? Are you looking for a proven strategy that will allow you to attract the money you desire? If you’ve answered YES to at least one of those questions, this article is for you.

Why You Never Have Enough Money at the End of the Month

Most people who live in the western societies have some form of debt. Not only they owe a lot of money to the bank or another such institution, but at the end of each month, they might find themselves in trouble of not being able to repay their credit card debt. This is a fact that I have been flabbergasted about for a long time.

Are You a Real Giver Or a Taker?

Most of us like to think of ourselves as nice, generous people. And most of us probably are, but the thing I’ve learned about truly being generous is that it’s not about how much you give but about where you place yourself when you give.

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