Quick Visualization Protection Technique Using A Wall of Protection

How to Manifest Your Desires – 2 Simple Exercises to Transform Your Life

We already possess all that we desire, although we are not aware of it. To be aware of our true possession, we need to raise our consciousness. To raise our consciousness is to raise our vibrations. When we raise our vibrations, we will be brought to all that we desire, or already possess.

2010’s Hottest Wellness Trends

Are you wondering where to invest your last dollar? There is hope in today’s delicate economy. Follow the trends of the baby boom generation. This is still a mammoth buying power group to watch.

Life is Good and Getting Better!

We have been given everything we need to live a “happily ever after” life, and yet we seem bound and determined to focus on what is lacking in our lives. We appear to be under the false assumption that life is a struggle, not easy and filled with anxiety. We continue to look outside ourselves for love, peace, joy, happiness, prosperity and success. Yet everything we need, have ever needed or will ever need exists right now.

There is Money Everywhere

I am so tired of these bobble-heads on the news talking about how there is “no money” that I’m ready to take an ax to my TV. And you know what? I don’t even own an axe but I might just have to go out and buy one.

The Secrets to “The Secret”

Many people have tried to put the Law of Attraction to work without success. While “The Secret” has done more than any other body of work to help people manifest their dreams, there are 2 missing steps to the formula. Here are the steps to putting the Law Of Attraction to work successfully in your life and the 2 missing steps to make it work for you each and every time.

Does Positive Thinking Really Work?

We have all heard that we should think positive, and look on the bright side, when life happens, it sure can be hard to keep it up. Besides, does thinking positive make a difference?

How to Keep the Faith and Not Quit!

Everything that you do in your life is following a specific cycle. It’s the cycle of nature. Whatever goes up must come down & what goes down will one day go up.

The Major Source of Income of the Truly Rich!

Remember, that everything in nature follows a particular cycle. Everything is cyclical, everything has a pattern. What goes up will eventually one day come down & what has gone down will someday also go up. That’s the law of nature. Likewise, every business follows a particular cycle.

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