Are You Living the Life You Want?

Are you living the life you want, or are you creating the life you DO NOT want How do you respond when you hear exciting news of a friend or colleague’s success? Is your first thought, ‘Oh I wish that was me’, and feel disappointed and some resentment?

Financial Freedom & Wealth Creation – Wealth is a Mindset

Did you grow up being told you have to work hard for money? Now is the time to replace that with “money comes frequently and easily” feel it, say it, believe it!

Insights Along the Journey to Abundance

Have you ever spent time fantasizing about the wonderful things you would buy if you could afford anything you wanted? Do you imagine a beautiful home, luxury car, exotic vacation, or expensive artwork? These things and more can be satisfying, but it’s important to look beyond the acquisition of them and determine the qualities they would contribute to your life.

A Recipe For Intentional Living

Life is like a piece of cake! Each of us has all the ingredients to bake a delicious cake-one that will rise to perfection – or, for others theirs may fall flat in the pan time after time. Our recipes for living are uniquely our own; made up of our beliefs, our assumptions, our life experiences, our expectations, and spiced by our attitudes and desires.

How to Obtain Prosperity and Foster a Spirit of Abundance

How do you obtain a mindset of prosperity and success? What simple practices and habits can you build into your life to cultivate a spirit of abundance?

Money Making Formula For Entrepreneurs

We are all looking for that secret formula to obtain wealth. Obtaining money is a part of being wealthy.

Napoleon Hill Made a Mistake

Napoleon Hill was so right about so many things for the achievement of abundance and prosperity, but his process is a little off. If you are a Napoleon Hill fan, read on because his work only needs a little fine tuning.

A Simple Step Towards Endless Success

Easily begin attracting all the abundance, prosperity and success that you’ve been asking for. Give your best, receive the best. Instead of letting life happen to you, you decide your life. It really is that simple, and this article will give you the foundation to getting there.

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