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Forget About the Law of Attraction – Learn About Luck – Your Silent Partner

You and I, and everybody in the whole wide world, have a Silent Partner. He is the queerest fellow imaginable. We’ve never seen him, and we don’t rightly know his name.

A Scientist Urges Science to Recognize Luck!

It is interesting to note that, though written only a few decades ago, the final assertion that chance is totally excluded from the universe would today be challenged by many scientists of the highest standing as being too broad a generalization. For, startling though it may appear, recent scientific discoveries and experiments tend to show that the chain of cause and effect is not invariable; that things sometimes happen and sometimes don’t, in such eccentric fashion that their occurrence or non-occurrence is apparently a matter of mere chance or luck! This startlingly novel viewpoint was recently championed…

Make it a Game

Ever notice that when you want something really bad that you make the process of getting it harder than it has to be? When the process of getting the goal becomes hard, make it a game. Taking things serious is seriously over rated.

A Technique to Help You Communicate With Your Higher Self

Our higher self is constantly communicating with us and it does this through our emotions. If we are feeling worry, fear or any other negative emotion, then that is our higher self telling us that we are not in alignment with our desires or our higher purpose and in the same way, if we are feeling positive emotions such as joy and bliss then our higher self is letting us know that we are in alignment with our desires or higher purpose.

Discover How to Spot Opportunities to Manifest Money

A frequently asked question is how do you know when to respond to the law of attraction? How do I know when the right opportunities are in front of me and what will they do for me? How can I find them? It is a popular question that many people ask when learning to manifest money. If you want to know exactly how to train your mind to identify opportunities the Law of Attraction presents, continue reading this article.

How to Get Rid of the Phony Feeling When Using Positive Thinking Affirmations

So you have chosen the positive thinking affirmations that you would like to use to help you maintain a positive vibration and gain control over your mind BUT it feels phony and you are getting a lot of resistance in the form of excuses and distractions. You might not feel sincere about what you are saying or that you are trying to feel different when deep down you are still stuck with the same negative thoughts and habits as before. It almost feels like too much of an effort and you constantly feel like shelving the whole idea.

How to Harvest Your Garden For Positive Thinking Affirmations

Your affirmation garden must be nurtured and well fed over a period of time in order for them to burst forth from the ground of your mind as well nourished and and quickly growing blooms that soak up sunshine and life from all around. The more you care for your positive thinking affirmations, the more they will blossom and create a profound harvest throughout your life. If you haven’t already begun to plant your affirmation seeds then please don’t waste a moment longer as the seeds tend to take around 30 days to germinate before they take root and begin to have an effect on the garden of your mind.

Use Positive Thinking Affirmations to Transform Your Life

When you are thinking and feeling, you are also essentially sending out a pulse to the universe which when picked up, triggers a process of attraction. Your thoughts and the feelings attached to them will dictate what is sent your way in the form of events, experiences and people, so it makes sense that if you are constantly dwelling on and thinking about your problems and the problems around the world, that you are, without knowing it, asking for more of the same. Your thought is your wish, and your wish is the command to the universe.

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