Sadhguru Darshan 13 Aug 2021, 6:20 PM IST

Think Limitless – Limited Thinking Creates Limited Results

Open your mind to endless possibilities. Close your eyes and open your mind to how your life would look if there were no limits to money, no limits to happiness, no limits to the opportunities waiting for you, and no limits to what you can achieve. Create a movie in your mind and visualise a life of unlimited prosperity, unlimited happiness and unlimited wealth. This way of thinking will help attract more positive experiences into your life, attract more people to you, help you to achieve better results in your business, and assist you in achieving your goals and desires.

The Road To Riches Roadmap

There are so many suggestions for getting rich, e.g., Law of Attraction, Feng Shui, YouTube videos, books and online “gurus,” that you could spend most of your day doing what they suggest. However, if you are not understanding the clear and simple roadmap to wealth, you will be wasting your time, if you want to become rich. This article is a “no nonsense guide” that tells it like it is.

Law of Attraction and You

Law of Attraction is such a powerful law, yet I find that most people aren’t taking advantage of it. Just like the law of gravity, when you drop something you know it will fall, the same goes for Law of Attraction. What you focus on expands – like attracts like.

The Forgotten Step in Creating a Solid Financial Plan

A solid plan helps anyone achieve their overall financial goals, however it can be an extremely daunting task. Find out the missing step that could launch into creating your plan effortlessly!

Three Steps to Unlocking the Magic For a Successful Mindset

You don’t want to skip over the psychology of how to create a successful mindset, especially when you’re looking to make money blogging online. Of course, you want to get yourself to the point where you have that settled conclusion that you just KNOW you’re going to succeed, and that, of course, will bring you there! But just how can you get to that successful mindset? Here are three mind exercises to start you off in the right direction…

Stretch Your Comfort Zone to Success

There is nothing wrong with having a comfort zone; but if you want to reach a higher level you have to stretch your comfort zone to success. I personally think comfort zones are the succubi of life that lead to ruts not performance excellence.

How to Go From Perishing to Prevailing

I have a story to share that I believe will benefit you. I always say and believe that the things that we experience in life are not just for us, but for the benefit of others. With that said, here goes. My husband and I moved into a new place in April and prior to moving from our old place, I had vision boards, affirmations, pictures, quotes, scriptures, etc. posted on the walls of that home. My vision boards focused on improving my health (of which I lost 15 lbs.) and expanding my business.

Are You the Mule in the Well?

Learning to overcome crisis and setbacks in integral to our spiritual development. How do we handle upset? Do we just let it happen or do we fight to persevere?

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