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Attracting Abundance: How to Make Your Wishes Come True

Having grown up surrounded by the poor and the rich relatives I have identified the different traits they both have. My uncle who was rich always had a smile and bought everything he had. He would always get the best of the items he needed, not because he could afford it but because he believed that he will get more anyway even if he finishes what he had.

How to Manifest Financial Freedom

When you look at your bills, your paycheck, the news, or the world around you, do you constantly see evidence to support feeling stressed, worried, or afraid about money? Do you listen to economic doomsayers or the woes of your friends and family, your boss, or your own mental monologue, and come away feeling financially frustrated? If so, you’re not alone. Not only is that dire evidence paraded in front of us daily, it is also programmed into our DNA. In this article, you’ll discover how to free yourself from that negative bias so you can welcome Abundance and Financial Freedom!

The Divine Feminine Within: Abundance and Inner Power

Most people fail to understand the true meaning of abundance and power. In the modern world, power has become a synonym for wealth and we have been trained to believe that abundance is just money, since we are used to exchanging our time for it. Are you ready to shift from the belief that “time is money” to a higher paradigm about abundance and power?

Terms of Entanglement

What do you want to manifest? That’s the question I ask when I am doing my workshop. “A mate,” comes the reply, nine times out of ten.

Manage Your Mind Power

Do you ever feel like life is getting you nowhere – that there must be something else? Perhaps you remember waking, wishing something was different, going to sleep, silently wanting something to change. Not much does change until you take hold and manage your mindset. Your state of mind as you awaken typically determines your dominant thoughts for the day, whether or not you realise that you’re even having any thoughts. Similarly, whatever nags at you into the night, (or whatever your bedtime) as you fall asleep, will be with you when you wake up – until you pay attention to your own mind power, and shift your thinking in a way that works for what you really want.

When It’s Raining

There are always those days when it rains. We moan about it, yet we accept it will brighten up again soon. So when it emotionally rains in our lives, why do we fall into despair and believe that it will never get better. When it rains, it always gets brighter in time.

We Shared Our Pizza With Les Brown – What a Wonderful Lunch Experience!

Yep! Sitting there, enjoying the beautiful sunny day in Las Vegas, munching on pizza when Les Brown stops at our table.

Think Like a Millionaire – Money Magnet – Super Powerful and Fun Technique

I will finish this article by giving you a FUN technique to help you change your Self-Image so that, instead of being a CRAP magnet, you become a magnet to money, wealth and riches. I am letting you know that this technique will work wonders to eliminate any limiting belief. But, FIRST, you must identify the damaging, destructive limiting beliefs you now hold in your subconscious computer and that you want to eliminate. Practicing this technique while in the state of self-hypnosis, will increase its effectiveness a thousand-fold. So that you gain a quick understanding of how to use this technique, let me give you an example.

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