The Awakening Course Review

Are you like so many people out there who have watched The Secret, applied its teachings but are not seeing any results? Are you dealing with the problems of understanding how the law of attraction really works and feel that something must be missing?

5 Life Lessons Our Children Can Teach Us

We do not have to look very far to learn the secrets of happiness and joy in life. We just need to look a little closer at our children. Laughter is natural in a child’s world. If we spend a little more time playing with them, we just might be reminded of some of life’s greatest lessons.

Why When it Rains it Pours!

Ever noticed how when bad things happen, they seem to come tumbling in and that the same is true for good things? Find out about why the law of attraction brings things into your life in this manner and tips on how to make it SHOWER BLESSINGS FOR YOU!

Creating Wealth After Divorce

Being newly divorced signals the start of a new life and the opportunity to design a new life as a single person, under your own terms. Statistically, many newly divorced women are left worse off financially after divorce and may be struggling to cope with single parenthood, feeling emotionally battered and with low self-esteem.

7 Mistakes to Avoid If You Want to Create a New Life of Abundance and Prosperity After Divorce

1. Focusing on the negatives. It’s so easy to feel depressed, bitter and exhausted after divorce.

The Almighty Question – Why Am I Here & How Can I Be Happy?

Mediocrity has become widespread and very few people seem to be enjoying life beyond that. The majority are just getting by, doing a job that they absolutely hate and blaming it all on the luck of the draw.

I Need Someone to Give Me Money

Are you panhandling on the city streets? Are you a beggar? Well, if you are thinking like the headline of this article, you need a new pair of glasses. Read on to learn some secrets for making more money.

My Top 3 Tips For Attracting Wealth in Your Life

Wealth, abundance and happiness is available to everyone and you can experience it too! Here are my top 3 tips for attracting wealth and joy in your life. By using these tips, you will get a path to improve your life and to finally stop struggling.

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