Spirituality – Eating the Full Cake #Shorts

How To Sow Seeds Of Prosperity And Seeds Of Victory

But He said, Blessed ( happy and to be envied ) rather are those who hear the Word of God and obey and practice it! Luke 11:28 As a believer, you have a glorious future ahead of you because you can sow seeds of prosperity and seeds of victory from the Word of God. Hallelujah and the good part is you can start right now!

3 Easy Shortcuts to Allow the Law of Attraction Work for You FAST!

The following article will give you 3 highly reliable and easy ways to ensure the law of attraction is working FOR you and not against you. Your energy has everything to do with your happiness and success in life. With these 3 steps you are guaranteed to attract whatever you want and FAST!

Why Planning Is Vital To Your Success and How To Make an Effective One That Will Work

Most would agree that a well thought out and carefully designed plan is the backbone of all successes. Having a clear roadmap is vital to help you get where you want to be. This article will explain why planning is so important and how to create an effective one to guide you.

The Mind Game of Money and True Prosperity

Money appears all important and the answer to most imagined problems. When it does come, it becomes obvious that all problems are not solved. Prosperity on the other hand, encompasses all of life and includes a sense of well-being and freedom to do whatever you want. Money should be used as a tool or servant to reach what you really desire. Maybe the emphasis should be taken off money and placed on how to play the mind game to reach prosperity.

The Power of De-Manifesting

Although the focus of The Law of Attraction is in manifesting, or bringing something you want into your life, there is an equally important part of the process that powers up your manifesting efforts. De-manifesting is, simply, getting rid of what you don’t want in order to make space for what you do want. Learn an easy four-step process in this article.

Expect God To Help You Because You’re Blessed

You will have problems in this world! Yes, storms will come to try to take you off the course God has planned for you to travel. But, you must become a diligent Christian believer that never backs off! You must never quit! You must never give up on the Word or the plan God has for your life.

Go Ahead And Speak Your Success To Life Right Now

Today, you need to stand on the rock of God’s Word as a way of life and you need to practice speaking it right now. You need to get God’s Word and claim victory and abundant blessings for you and your family.

The Importance of Pre-Manifesting

There’s a plethora of methods available today for those who wish to utilize The Law of Attraction and manifest their grandest desires. However, most of these ignore the most important part of manifesting. This article reveals the one thing you must do before you begin your manifesting work.

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