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4 Ultimate Ways to Get Rich and Attract Wealth With Personality

If you want your audience to remember you as one of the top-notch expert in your business industry is to have personality. Besides, you can attract wealth at the same time you get rich in just 5 ways! Check it all here and never miss this article.

What Does Energy Have to Do With Your Life and Your Business?

Energy is everything and you probably know more about it than you think. Read how your personal energy affects you in your life and your business.

Details, Or No Details – The Fine Line When Working With the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction can sometimes be a very fickle being, and is something that once you start looking for it, you will see occurring all around you – though often not as the person had intended, and often without them realising what they have done! The Law of Attraction will create whatever you are focusing on, in ways that you will often never have thought possible! When working with the Law of Attraction it is important to think carefully about what you are asking for!

The American Dream – Is it Still Relevant?

What is the American Dream? For some, it means having everything their way. For others it is an opportunity. What is it to you?

You Are Wealthy Beyond Finances – Creating Wealth by Appreciation

What is ‘wealth’ to you? If wealth is all about money, you’re missing the point and you could open your mind to a lot more wealth that is present in your life right now. Stop a while and smell the roses, then you’ll see all the wealth you have. Being grateful for that opens your possibilities for other kinds of wealth to arrive.

Keys to Your Financial Freedom, Economic and Monetary Liberation – (Part II)

With the struggle of labor markets to create jobs worldwide and the evidence of weak household spendings, nothing is as vital as strategies for financial survival and personal job creation in the midst of a depressed economy. A few weeks ago I was at the wedding ceremony of my friend that started his business with N50.00 (50 Naira) Nigerian currency (equivalent of $0.30 – 30 cents US currency).

Overcoming Fear When Unemployment Strikes

The natural, human response to job loss is FEAR. FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, but when it’s occurring to you, it certainly feels real. There is, however, another way, the way of Love, Trust, and Freedom.

Is Your Glass Half Full Or Half Empty? Learn to Count Your Blessings and You’ll Get More Out of Life

It is not always easy to recognise the things in life for which we should be grateful. Particularly when we are unhappy, it can be annoying to be told to cheer up and be grateful that we have our home, our family, our health etc. However, this is precisely what you should do. The exercise I’m going to share with you is designed to help you identify and celebrate your many blessings even at the times they seem least apparent to you.

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