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The Top 10 Ways to Increase Prosperity

There are many ways to increase prosperity in your life. These are my top 10 ways of increasing prosperity in all areas of your life.

Why Some Scientists Misunderstand Luck

Though the word “science” is comparatively modern, the scientific method is very old. In essence, it is to observe facts and draw conclusions based upon them. Science thus deals with what can be known and measured; and, logically speaking, it should deal with nothing else.

Why Luck is So Meaningful in Our Lives

And it is this basic uncertainty, this sporting chance of a prize in life’s lottery, which invests our workaday world with mystery, zest, and charm. For we are all Micawbers at heart, waiting hopefully for something to “turn up.” Why does the postman’s knock give us a perennial thrill? Why does the insistent summons of the telephone bell inspire us with curious emotion?

What Cave Men Thought About Attracting Luck

Whether the higher animals recognize good and ill fortune, we cannot say. We know, however, that Man recognized the luck-element in life at a very early period.

Luck Laws – The Interaction of Luck and Religion

“Chance is perhaps the pseudonym of God when He did not want to sign” ANATOLE FRANCE – Early Greek Ideas About Luck – To other people, however, matters were not so simple. The more they studied the world, the less chaotic did it appear. The sun, moon, and stars did not rise and set haphazard; the seasons recurred from year to year; life itself followed a regular cycle which might be cut short but which could not be notably altered.

Luck Laws – Napoleon Was a Gambler!

NEVER was the gambling spirit more rampant than in Europe during the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. In those days almost everybody-high and low; rich and poor; men, women, and even children-bet and gambled openly and unashamed.

Luck Laws – How Boxer Jack Dempsey Was Saved by a Full House

Here is the tale of how double luck saved Dempsey: When Jack Dempsey met Luis Firpo at the Polo Grounds, the ring was higher than usual, and the boxing writers were crowded closer together than ever before. Every seat back of the press gathering had been taken and every square inch had been filled. The writers in the front row under the ring found it almost impossible to work a typewriter, for everybody was jammed in hard and fast.

Luck – The Universal Element of Life!

“Luck affects everything. Let your hook always be cast in the stream. When you least expect it, there will be fish.” – OVID. The old Roman poet certainly knew what he was talking about when he wrote those lines, nearly two thousand years ago.

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