The 4 Stages of Life Everyone Should Know | Sadhguru

Need To Escape Financial Stress: Strategies in Dealing With Life Situations

Do not attempt to influence any person of your beliefs; escaping the financial stress will not occur… The stronger your belief the stronger obstacles will come and try to shut dreams down. Levels that may be climbed and every level reached there are new struggles that one must conquer. Your wings are…

Saying Thank You Brings You Even More

When you are grateful you say Thank You, and when you are grateful you get more of the same. How does this work?

Turning On The Positive, Turning Off The Negative

We all have a positive and negative subconscious and its up to us how we choose to use both of them. They are both very obedient and will do whatever is asked of them. If you choose to use the negative subconscious and this can be in the things you say or think.

How To Really Win And How To Really Lose

We can all take, but can we give our best as much as we take. When we take way more than we give in a “take it for granted” way, we have already lost. When we give back more than we can ever take and end up genuinely wealthy in spirit anyway, we have already won. Perspective is power, and do not forget it.

From Rags To Riches – That’s What Makes A BadAss Story!

Why is it that stories of going from rags to riches inspire us so much? Did you ever wonder that? Here’s a possible answer to that question… right now.

It’s All Here Now!

When you are ready to accept all that you are as well as the dreams and visions that were given to you for your expression; nothing will stand between you and them. It’s always been here, but your distorted view of you, has kept you from seeing all that belongs to you. However when you have had enough suffering to the point you are no longer willing to live without the abundance that is yours, it will make its appearance. Remember it is only you that is keeping yourself from every good thing you’ve ever felt was yours to enjoy.

How Crabs In a Bucket Taught Me The Truth About Making Money

Have you ever seen crabs in a bucket? Did you know that just by watching them you could learn about money? Here is the truth that they’ve taught me.

Poverty – The Most Successful Thief

Poverty is a thief! In fact, poverty is the most successful thief of all time, simply because it continues to rob without consequences. Poverty is by definition – the state of being inferior in quality or extremely poor. In other words poverty is a state of not ever being enough or having enough. From this place absolutely nothing is ever seen correctly, because its view is completely out of alignment with this universe and the creator of it and us. Below are some symptoms of poverty.

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