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Simple (And Priceless) Life Lessons From The Most Influential Prosperity Mentor In My Life

The last few days of my father’s life were spent in the Intensive Care Unit of a Florida hospital. He was succumbing to what has been coined by laymen as “the rich man’s cancer” – Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. How ironic, I thought. You see, my father started his working life as a poor minister in Asia, came to America on a church scholarship, eventually earned his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degrees (among many other academic achievements), and finally retired as a high ranking U.S. Government Service Official.

From Scarcity to Abundance

“If you wear blue glasses, everything you see looks bluish. If you wear scarce or limited glasses, the world seems that way to you and you think, emote and act that way.” Frederick Mann. This works the same way in reverse: When we wear abundance glasses, we view the world as a place where there is plenty to go around. We see our time and resources as abundant and ourselves as part of a greater whole. We give freely of what we have. There are many signs emerging that our society is shifting rapidly from a scarcity to an abundance model.

Abundance and Prosperity – 2 Prerequisites to Getting Them Both

Abundance and prosperity can only be attained when two crucial requirements are met. Find out now what those requirements are and how you can meet them.

Helping Yourself to Abundance

Accessing abundance requires that you be consistent in your endeavors, rather than having a few, infrequent, randomly spaced, quality events. To be consistent in your endeavors to access abundance, you need to help yourself be successful by having an awareness of the areas needing change. Where do you need support to access abundance in your life?

The Person Living with Abundance – “Do-Have-Be” Vs “Be-Have-Do”

What if you first allowed yourself to align with the Universe and its abundance? Essentially BE abundant in feeling and perception. With these feelings, you will HAVE motivation, enthusiasm, understanding, ideas, opportunities, etc. that will bring what you want (e.g., customers, money). Then you can DO what needs to be done to follow up and take action on what needs to be done.

Law of Abundance and Materialism – Seeking Change By Focusing on Your Money

We all want more in life. We seek abundance, we seek change, and we seek our own feeling that we have made a difference. Shamanic principles nurture the individual person who is seeking abundance and change that goes beyond materialism. Personal achievement and development can result in making a difference in the world beyond us. To effect that change and that personal level of development, one must learn to focus on both our personal strength and energy but of the energy that surrounds us.

Abundance – Reclaim Your Energy & Power

Purposeful change goes beyond achieving the goal of acquiring things and amassing wealth. This shift of change in scarcity thinking and language to thinking in terms of abundance is part of the journey to getting harmony back in your life.

Abundance – Three Actions to Implement Abundance Daily in Your Life

Our culture likes quick fixes and immediate change. However, change is not about infrequent events or something done a few times a year. Rather change occurs by tending to it every day.

Abundance – Receiving is an Act of Abundance

Receiving is an act of abundance. It is part of the reciprocal cycle that begins with giving and continues with asking. The cycle is brought full circle with receiving.

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