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How to Manifest Money: Five Tips for Creating Wealth

Learning how to manifest money is easy. The hard part is up to you and you only. No one outside of yourself can make you believe in the possibilities. It’s the believing that most people struggle with so start small and grow big.

The False Allure of Shiny Things

We are all naturally drawn to shiny things. When I refer to shiny things I do not just mean things that sparkle like diamonds and ruby’s, or glow like gold, platinum or chrome or even things that reflect the sun. I mean everything that sparks an immediate desire to possess it, like a Lamborghini, the new iPad, a big house, Prada shoes, a G650 airplane, a sculpted body (yours or someone else’s) or that big screen TV in Cowboys Stadium. The problem with shiny things is that they are full of promise, but that promise is often left unfulfilled and always has hidden costs.

How to Create a Powerful Statement of Manifestation

In applying the law of attraction, you must create a written statement about what you would like to change in your life. Learning the most effective way to write down what you intend to create assures your success in manifesting. You need to know the best method for stating your desires in order to easily achieve your goals.

Business Opportunity – 6 Tips For Increasing Your Self Worth and Value

If wood, clay and stone can become someone’s mansion and if ordinary metals found in the Earth became a spacecraft that went all the way to the moon and back, then you too can certainly increase your value a hundred times over since you are already a miracle of God anyway. We humans are also made of ordinary clay and minerals found in the earth. The only difference is that we were created in the image of God and given a small spark of His genius. Because of this, you can certainly multiply YOUR VALUE a hundred times over.

Manifesting Your Dreams With Reiki

Apart from being a healing modality, Reiki can be used to attract that which we desire into our lives. Reiki powerfully enhances the process of manifestation and can be utilized to work wonders in our lives.

How to Submit Our Finances to God

Life is very expensive. For people of faith, having God’s blessings on our finances is important. When we follow some simple spiritual principles that allow us to live under God’s blessings, we are more likely to be prepared for life’s expenses.

Law of Attraction – The Importance of Appreciation

Gratitude is something you must possess in order for you to live an abundant and prosperous life and to use the Law of Attraction to your own advantage. Be grateful each day of what you have rather than focusing on what you do not.

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