The Incredible Benefits of Surya Namaskar | Sadhguru

Manifestations Not Working: Try Brainwave Entrainment

Why aren’t your intentions not manifesting? Maybe you’re not focused on the right brainwave. Brainwave entrainment will put you in the right frequency and hold you there to help you strengthen your manifestations.

What to Buy With 50 Dollars – Best Ideas

Are you wondering what to buy with 50 dollars? Here are three awesome ideas to help you decide. They are entertainment, help other people, and help yourself.

Keep the Faith and the Universe Listens

Faith is powerful. Powerful enough to cure the inflicted, powerful enough to manifest something new and wonderful. Yet, many people are finding it difficult to “keep the faith” due to the current economic challenges that are very real and often serious. How do we keep believing that there can be some thing better when things seem to be so bad?

Think Like a Millionaire – The Rest Is Elementary

I always tell my kids that we may be broke but we are NOT poor! Attitude is as crucial as end results and during times of economic hardship it is attitude that will bring one back to financial success. It’s tough, but you can do it.

Buying Into A Business System!

The idea of a business system makes so much sense when you actually think about it. Why re-invent the wheel, so to speak. Why try new ideas, thinking they will work, and then have them fail. Money, time, and profits are all lost in that method. Better to follow a proven system.

The Mythical Dragon

The dragon of medieval mythology is one who is fierce and mean, captures sweet damsels and kills brave and noble dragon slayers. The dragon of Chinese mythology is very different however. One of the legends talks about how Buddha summoned the animals of the Earth to bid him farewell when he was to depart from this life and only 12 showed up. Buddha then named a year after each of them to give them a place of honor.

Three Unusual Money Stories – Creative Ways To Get What You Desire With Little or No Money

You can greatly improve your financial situation and enhance your lifestyle in multiple ways, once you open your mind up to the possibilities. When it comes to financial goals, most people think of only creating more money. Yes, you can make more money, and you can do much more than that too!

What Is Vibrational Abundance?

I know there is no term as Vibrational Abundance, I made it up just this morning. But, think what it might mean if everyone was to be able to have this kind of life. Wouldn’t it be great. Well it’s time to find out. Read on.

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