The Key to a Successful Relationship | Sadhguru

What You Think Matters The Most

The one who knows what’s best for you is YOU. You can listen to the opinions of others but follow your own inner voice.

Three Simple Rules For Financial Freedom

Don’t Live Above Your Means. This is one of the main reasons why many can never achieve financial stability. Living above your means simply means that you tend to strain the little that you earn. In the long run, you end up dead broke. This article talks about a solution that will lead to financial security.

Are You Pushing Prosperity Away?

When you use the Law of Decrease (rather than the Law of Increase), you are delaying your own prosperity. Here’s why…

How to Get Everything You Want in Life

Therefore I say unto you, What things soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them. ~ Mark 11:24 How much do you want from life? What dreams do you secretly dream for yourself and your family?

Abundance: The Attitude Needed to Generate It

Abundance can be defined as an ample quantity or over sufficient amount of something, according to Webster’s Dictionary. It is often thought of in terms of material possessions or wealth. However, for those with a deeper perspective on the more subtle riches life has to offer, it can mean having the world on a silver platter.

The Voice Of The Mountain

What if you could ask an ancient being any question you would like to ask? You can!

Innate Health – Mental Clarity, Wisdom and Wellbeing

We are all full of innate health, well-being, clarity and wisdom. I awakened to “The Three Principles”, love and awareness intelligence four years ago due to a serious medical condition and since then have been using it in work and helping other people who experience stress, anxiety, difficulties and helping others in general. I feel this understanding of the nature of human experience, love and intelligence should be shared.

How Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work For Me?

The law of attraction is something which will always have sceptics as well as believers as does anything that is not visible or tangible. However, it is when we act based upon what we want to see in our lives, in spite of doubts and then become inspired by these ideas that life begins to shift. Is this the law or just a different way of thinking?

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