The Scientific Significance of Mahashivaratri

Abundant Attitude – Think Like a Prosperous Winner and Stop Whining!

Are you part of the crowd of whiners and complainers that attract more of what they complain about? Why not put on an abundant attitude, think prosperous and attract more of the same?

Abundance and Prosperity Through Working With The Laws of The Universe

Have you heard of Bob Proctor and Mary Morrissey? Many of us know their work. It was the movie The Secret that gave us the awareness to The Law of Attraction. Studying and engaging with The 11 Forgotten Laws will enable you to learn and experience how it works.

Leadership, Legacy, and Living a Life of Significance

Tools to live your awesome legacy. How to apply yourself to live a life of meaning. How to get meaning and significance from your live and leave behind a great heritage.

Who Is God? What Is Matter? What Is Co-Creation? Tips to Create

Who is God? It is someone we are starting to “get” to understand more and more since around the 1950?s and that is more and more to the reach of the general public within the last 10 years. What is matter? Matter is pretty much what all the world agreed upon, based on how we sense it, is made of. Science has categorized matter into groups. What is co-creation? It is the creation of everything we get in our life. It is created by both our Self as an individual, and God-Source-Creator. The Law of Attraction says that “what we think about we bring about.” Or: what we think about we create.

Using Mantras to Attract Life Partners

According to ancient Vedic texts, everything is made up of sound. The Power of Words – In fact, today we know that sound or vibration (sound at its essence) is the purest form of energy and it affects us deeply on an emotional and physical level. Think how words affect each of us.

Wealth And Prosperity Affirmations: 5 Steps For Best Results

Wealth and prosperity affirmations have been around for quite some time, with people claiming that they work fabulously. Here are 5 powerful steps to get the best results.

God Wants Me to Be Rich – He Wants Everyone to Live in Prosperity

So for those of us who are hanging out in the confusion of whether you should even consider wealth as a part of your life, my purpose in this article is to emphasize today that it is really ‘OK’ with God that we build wealth, if fact, it really is His will for each of His children that they become wealthy like He is. After all, is not everything we see around us His? I mean, if we acknowledge that everything is God’s, then doesn’t that make Him the richest person in the Universe? What I am going to explain here is…I am going to share some my experience(s) and struggles with coming to grips with this concept.

The Pull of Your North Star and How It Can Assist You to Move Towards Achieving Your Goals Faster

Maybe you have already heard about the concept of your North Star and how it effects your daily life and results. So what does this actually mean?

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