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15 Hot Tips to Quick and Easy Good Fortune

Get Inspired, get rich, get happy! 1 Minute Wonders, 5 Minute Quick Fixes, 20 Minute Miracles — all to relieve tension and find a wealthy lifestyle…jump into the flow of easy, fun living! Tired of worry about your health or wealth? Good. Here’s an exact formula for- “How you can stop worrying about money and health.” Change your Focus and change your life.

Attracting Financial Success With Creative Thought – 5 Methods to Stay on Course After the Course

Much of what is written about the law of attraction, achieving abundance and a full life and manifesting your desires centers around thought. Thoughts become things, it’s the starting point for all the good stuff to follow.

Help! I’m Allergic to Money

Money! To most people, this is a dirty word. To your body, it’s considered an allergy. So, how do YOU feel about Money?

Four Ways to Generate Good Fortune

Tips to generate good fortune by creating abundant luck. Everyone has been touched by this economic downturn. Use Feng Shui as a tool to help you create more optimistic thinking and positive energy.

Financial Success

The first step to financial success lies in defining your goal. “I want to be rich” doesn’t cut it, you have to be more specific than that. What does financial success mean to you? Do you simply want to have more money you can spend? Do you want to retire young and achieve financial freedom? Do you want to be rich to shape the world around you? Do you have a noble cause you wish to realize in your lifetime?

Manifest Your Abundance!

Prosperity is forever seeking the soul that is committed to the subordination of its greed to the service of others. Wealth is a predictable result for those who understand the principles that govern its acquisition. The law of wealth has a deep, spiritual foundation in that it rules out competition as the underlying basis for the creation of wealth and shifts the emphasis to creativity in providing useful service to others.

Self-Discipline and the Attraction of Wealth

Success in any endeavor calls for the clarification of our personal values and then disciplining our mind to think in harmony with them. Thought is the precursor to action, and our actions are manifested in our physical results. The attraction of wealth calls for living for a purpose that is higher than self. Wealth comes most easily to those who lose themselves in the service of others. Prosperity is forever seeking the person who is willing to subordinate his personal gratification to the service of others.

The Secrets to Your Conscious Success in Every Aspect of Your Life

You can be the top 2% of the world’s population to live in full-blown positive, abundant, gratifying love and success on every level, by learning the keys to conscious living. I have studied, listened and participated in great prosperity, relationship, abundance classes and workshops for over 20 years and I have not received the key to getting there on a core level, until now. This major step, I have been missing in all of my education, is taught by Dr. E. Amidi.

The Myth of Money As an Indicator of Existential Worth

Following numerous traumatic events, including job loss, dramatically changed financial circumstances and serious illness in the family, the differences between the partners becomes more obvious. How can we evaluate our state of being by placing a material price on it? The value to be gained by choosing what we truly desire, is being measured by a monetary figure attached to some notion of fairness, effort invested, a fictitious myth that previous investment negates any future choice.

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