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You Already Are Self Employed

If you get paid to produce, you are self employed. In charge of your own company. You.

How to Increase Your Super Intelligence and Have Super Abundance in This Life!

Stay connected to your source! Make a decision that is out of this world to stay in the Word. Upgrade your life, vital force and person with the Word of God.

If You Really Want to Make the Best Use of Your Time, This Article Will Make You the Greatest!

You can be the greatest. You are the best. Discover the secrets in this article. Please, read on!

What Can You Do With Intentional Mind Power?

Intentionally using your mind to attract the life of your desires is nothing new, but very misunderstood by many. To aid those that find themselves in this predicament I offer this article to perhaps solve the dilemma. After not everyone gets something until they read the words that they can most closely identify with.

Wisdom on Why You Really Should Never Have a Job

Having a job is incredibly risky. Most think it is safe, but they are mistaken. Instead reject having a job, and take control of your income into your own hands.

Self Development in Handling Finances

Logically speaking, the higher your earnings, the higher will be your expenses. You may be financially capable but you still need to be aware of your expenses so that you can properly manage your money. Handling finances requires Self Development. You may be wondering why this is so, let me enlighten you with their correlation.

Open Up To Abundance and Prosperity

Do you wonder how some people have everything they desire and others seem to struggle to achieve their goals? There is a reason. People may say they want success, but any time one agrees with conditions that are challenging, talk about how life is unfair, or exude any type of energy that is out of harmony with the thing they say they want, they are creating resistance with what they claim they want to create. This article discusses how to open up to abundance and prosperity.

How to Make Effective Affirmations for the Law of Attraction to Work

Affirmations can be tricky things to master. Making them in the wrong way can prompt a negative reaction. Read on to find out some of the principles to making good positive affirmations.

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