Then I Was A Man #Shorts

Soggy Sandwiches and Pride Precautions on the Road to Dream Realization

I didn’t have a Plan B. I didn’t have money, and I ALSO didn’t have anyone to bail me out if I failed. But here’s what I DID have…

Manifesting Abundance – ‘Getting Good’ With Money

Manifesting money when you’re in a state of lack can be challenging. How do you focus on abundance when you’re obsessed with your lack? How do you manifest abundance when you’re feeling anxious – about…

The Law of Attraction and Winning a TV Game Show

The law of attraction affects everything – even game shows! In this article I share my observation about how the vibration of the hosts, the audience and the participants all play a role in the end result. Deliberate creation means that you must remain conscious of the vibrational signals you are sending out even in the midst of a game show.

The Law of Attraction and Goal Setting – Steps to Prosperity

It’s not so much the goal setting but the thinking process that is behind it that determines success. In this article I apply some basic concepts from the law of attraction to help you understand how to mould your thoughts in a manner that takes you towards manifesting the things you want and the goals you wish to achieve both professionally and personally.

The Permanent Winning That Grows From Temporary Losing

Temporary losses never count, like George Herman Ruth at the home plate at the Yankee baseball game in the prime of his career making one of his many strike out baseball bat swings before the next home run that counts as a success. Nobody is a failure that can go forward to success without counting the temporary failure as a permanent loss.

Grace – The Finished Works of the Cross Part 2

It has been an honor to share the good news with you about the amazing grace of God. I want to continue on expounding upon this revelation I have been chewing on will continue to chew on for life..

How to Think Like a Prosperous Person This Year

Have you chosen not to believe in recessions? Have you fallen for the Finite Pool fallacy? Here are 5 self-limiting beliefs about wealth to excise from your thinking.

Are We Teaching Our Children to Be Poor?

Our everyday words and phrases may actually be building up a lack consciousness in our children. The way we teach manners and try and stop children from expressing what they want when they want it may be destroying their naturally abundant nature.

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