They Will Leave You Alone After Doing This / Binding Ritual

An Easy Manifestation Secret

There is a well proven but unfortunately much ignored secret that master manifestors use all the time. It is a very simple basic factor that sets into movement all that exists in this human experience. All of us know that it is real and utterly essential.

Transcendental Meditation Can Make You Money

We’ve already told you that meditating every day will help to increase your winnings, but we haven’t really gotten into the specifics of how. Also, we realize that for many people, meditating can be seen as a chore with no real end purpose, or even worse, spiritual garbage.

Change, Whole Change and Nothing But the Change

You want to get rich? You want to be happier? A change is the key point of everything! Change everything that bothers you!

Your Spending Habits Determine Your Degree of Financial Happiness (Part 1 of 2)

What are your spending habits? Your wealth depends on knowing where and how you spend your money.

Your Energy – Does it Attract Money? (Part 2 of 2)

Every transaction is an energy exchange. Make sure you value what you give appropriately.

Your Energy – Does it Attract Money to You? (Part 1 of 2)

Money is energy. It needs to circulate. People must give and receive to maintain that flow.

The Give and Take of Money

I used to feel terribly upset that some people live in palatial homes while other people live out on the street. Then I worked with some of those people who were homeless and I got to see their mindset. I got to see that some of them were using the system, robbing all of us working to put money into the system. My goodness, the things that I saw really opened my eyes.

Money and Emotions

Emotions drive our spending. Money and emotions go together. You cannot separate them in your mind or your heart.

Financial Happiness – How to Keep More Money in Your Pocket (Part 2 of 2)

In part one I proposed a method to keep you from buying things you will not use. Specifically I talked about my habit of buying books and educational programs.

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