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Short Term Memory Loss and the Perils of Everyone Gets a Trophy

We are no longer a nation of aspiration with a desire for great achievement; rather, we have become a nation of envy. In our desire to avoid making children (and adults) feel bad about themselves, we diminish and minimize those with great talents. We try to level the playing field and make everyone feel they have a commensurate talent and potential in all areas. This is the great lie that ultimately harms all of our children…and eventually all of us as adults…Now we have politicians telling us that anyone who has become successful financially should be demonized and vilified.

How to Attract Wealth by Altering Your Invisible Field?

If you are looking to attract wealth and abundance, it’s time to learn how to attract wealth with this 5-step wealth attraction formula. Find out the missing link in the law of attraction and how to manifest your desires.

Applying the Flywheel Effect to the Creation of Wealth

Creating wealth is an elusive dream for most people, but it doesn’t need to be. One of the basic concepts that most people have difficulty grasping is the simple idea that the effort required to accomplish anything becomes less and the results are greater as you do it repeatedly. This is known as the Flywheel Effect, and it helps to explain why it is so difficult to start a new effort, but continuing that effort becomes easier as you repeat your actions. Learning how to create wealth can be very challenging – it’s challenging enough that most people never get beyond wishing for it and dreaming about it. But taking action is rewarded because each subsequent action requires less effort and the results come from the cumulative effort toward a goal.

4 Simple Ways to Improve Your Life?

Sometimes, I see people around me repenting their lives. They’ve tumbled upon bad relationships, job situations, emotional imbalances and they are constantly searching for some way to get rid of their undisclosed depression. Here are 4 simple ways to improve your life, easily and quickly. Start from today!

Will You Be Your Valentine?

Want to begin a romance with yourself? Learn about some ways to bring more self love and acceptance into your life.

The Benefits of Being Unemployed?

What I have come to realize is that while Unemployment Insurance Benefits are there to insure you don’t starve physically, the Benefits of Unemployment Insurance are there to insure you do not starve emotionally. It would certainly be a crying shame if we lose our home and need to apply for Food Stamps but it would be an even greater shame if these trying times failed to have a positive impact on one’s perspective on life so that one at least attempts to achieve that perfect balance between Unemployment Benefits and the Benefits of Unemployment.

Secrets to Make Your Dreams Come True in 2012

What is going to change for you this year? Have you ever created a vision or dream board for the things you are wanting in your future. The things you would like to have, do, be and give? Read this article carefully and just see how it can help to take you forward.

Wallace Wattles – The Obscure Author of The Science of Getting Rich

The Science of Getting Rich is one of the most important books related to abundance and prosperity ever written, yet the author of the book, Wallace Wattles, was an obscure writer. He came from an obscure background, lived in poverty most of his life, and only after applying the principles he shared in The Science of Getting Rich did he become wealthy. Even though many have heard of or are familiar with The Science of Getting Rich, few know much about the man who wrote it.

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