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See What You Perceive

I kept looking but I couldn’t see him. Del told me that he was running the stairs. I would jog by where he said he was, not see him, and run home thinking I must have missed him. But, every day he would come back and say “I saw you!”

Build A Wealth Plan

Many people want to manifest more money and have a certain lifestyle. We want to see everyone achieve the wealth and lifestyle that they really want.

Attracting Abundance Tips

EFT Abundance: Making It Work For You. Attracting abundance techniques can be very powerful, but only if you know what you’re doing. Many people try tapping for a few days or even a couple of weeks and then give up because they haven’t had any success.

Good Use of Credit

Using credit can assist you in getting and building wealth in your life when used wisely. Credit cards can give you the chance to seize opportunities when they come your way. These days all Hotels and Car Rental companies along with many other businesses require you to have a credit card to guarantee their services.

A Necessity to Attract Abundance

How teachable are you? You can use these techniques to measure your teachability index. Being teachable is a key element when you want to attract abundance in your life. The higher your teachability index is, the better.

Prosperity Laws for Daily Existence

Enjoy every single day and see it from a different angle every time. Try to comb yourself using a different hand or button up your shirt using a different hand. Those exercises will make your brain more alert and will turn off the automatic system that you use in all your acts.

Don’t Stay in the Prison of Cause And Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect is the law of all laws. The law demonstrates that everything a human being does, will have consequences. If you do a good deed, you will receive good deeds. If you harm people, in the future you are going to get hurt too.

Forgive And Forget

To make mistakes is part of the human condition and if you prefer it in a sweeter way. “There are no mistakes, only lessons to learn.” It does not matter what you think about it: You do the same actions again and again as well as every one of us.

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