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Wealth Vs Money

Whether rich or poor, we all have money problems; the difference is how we go about solving them. For the rich they solve their money problems by building systems (assets) that generate money for them; the poor simply go work (labour) for money. One builds a system that makes money; the other works for money. I ask you, which is smarter? Employees are perpetually poor (financially dependent) because they are ‘part’ of the system, while employers are perpetually rich (financially free) because they ‘own’ the system.

Letting Go of Limiting Belief to Become a Better Forex Trader

The primary key to remove a limiting belief is to identify and acknowledge it. However, this step is not enough and identifying invisible limiting beliefs is a huge daunting task. So how do you identify your negative limiting beliefs? The most effective method without having to pay for a therapist is to brainstorm.

CREATING WEALTH – A Lasting Cure to Financial Struggle!

Conquering the challenge of financial struggle is not a quick fix affair. You cannot fight a chronic illness by simply treating the symptoms. You’ve got to go to the root of the illness before you can effect a permanent cure. You simply cannot cure the illness of being poor by simply injecting some funds every thirty days. If your solution to financial struggle is a constant paycheck from a secure job, then you are far from it; you’re endlessly trying to solve a long term problem with a quick fix solution. You can’t succeed!

Never Be Poor, Even When You Don’t Have Money

You are going to move in certain circles where people are going to show lack of appreciation for what you do. Maybe they are not going to believe in you but you are the only one who needs to believe in you.

Prosperity for Beginners

The Universe is a perfect machine that produces everything into which we put our attention. Where we put our attention we fulfill ourselves. Prosperity like happiness is a divine gift; both are in us and around us today and every day. Learn how to make the best of the prosperity you already have.

Winning Is a Must Not a Choice

Only you can decide whether you become a loser or a winner. Nobody else can make that decision for you; do not give others the authority. As we move on in our activities in a social environment, we get accustomed to react constantly on how other people think about us, and our behavior. For everyone, the concept of winning is different.

Act and Make a Difference

Do not believe anything you are going to read in this article unless you are going to use it, and it works. It is an ancient mystic principle reflected in our existence.

How to Get Rich and Famous Without Breaking a Sweat

Okay, before I start, the first thing to do is for you to think in your head, ‘what does getting rich and famous without breaking a sweat mean to me’? After you have answered this question, then you can keep on reading. Let us say, to you, it means doing what you enjoy, and then getting rich, then, that brings us to what you have to do.

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