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Put Aside That Proud Badge of Honor of Being Busy

Believe it or not, there is a correlation between your overly busy lifestyle and your unsatisfactory money life. And, when you release some of your busyness, your money picture nicely shifts right along with it.

Do I Have More Debt Because I Have Clutter?

Physical clutter does create emotional clutter. It does not really matter whether the debt was caused by the clutter or the other way around. It is simply old, stuck, stagnated energy. It’s unmade decisions, regrets, guilt, shame, or old childhood wounds. There’s nothing positive about it.

Six Ways to Raise Your Vibration For a Better Life

It is very important to keep your vibration high; for one thing you will feel better within yourself. You will find that life will flow easily and be less stressful. When the vibration of your body is high you will feel in a happier place.

Thankfully, I Was Escorted Off the Premises

My exit from the corporate scene was so traumatizing that it propelled me to pursue my passion instead of a paycheck. I relate the four factors that I have seen determine success in transitioning from employee to entrepreneur.

What Scares You Silly?

He said, after some thought, that it made him think of credit card debt… the most poisonous thing in our wallets. He’s heard me say something to this effect over the years as I have counseled clients to release their dependence on it.

Changing Your Focus – The First Requirements to Living the Life You Were Created to Live

We must learn to change our focus and tell different stories. I often say our conversations, our thoughts must mostly consist of what is right with our lives and less of what is wrong. If you are finding this difficult to achieve, then you must look at what you believe.

Learn The Only Reflective State Of Mind For Success In Your Life

Funny what happens when you start speaking and visualizing your own world into existence. It’s the most important power we have! What you believe, feel and COMMIT to seems to happen, almost like magic. Call it the Law Of Attraction, or anything you wish that makes sense to you. I call this paradox creative because only those who recognize that they write the script to their own life story, have the courage and confidence to take action and actually make it happen. They know how to live their true potential.

How To Become Filled With The Freedom Of Entreprenership

If you are considering an online home-based business you should first take a good look at how you think for change. Are you afraid of change? Many people don’t make changes because they are afraid of failure Just decide to change, and you’ll find how easy it can be.

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