TN Temples Are Dying – Devotees Express Pain & Anguish

Be Thankful for What You Have, If You Concentrate on What You Don’t Have, You Will Never Have Enough

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.” The Laws of the Universe always give us what we ask for. That is why we have to be very careful with what we think and what we say. If we are always complaining and complaining about how much we are suffering hardship, on how frustrated we are for whatever situation we may be going through, guess what? We will continue going through the same thing and we will keep getting more of that.

Abundance and Resolutions

When I think of abundance and resolutions now, it is a bit different than it was three years ago. Meaning, I better accept what is possible and sustainable throughout a year instead of sabotaging myself. I focus on intent rather than goals. I set a direction and work toward it one step, one day, at a time. I allow for imperfection. I keep going. I clarify what is and is not important to my yearly intent. The outcome is that my weight management stabilized and my capacity to accomplish more is developing.

The Propagation of Values

A primary hallmark of society or any social organization or community of individuals is the existence, formation and propagation of values. Although values do not have a precise definition or exact denotation, they are of considerable importance to the community at large. They are the basis of conduct, the standard of right and wrong, the main principles that the society is to embody and are the cherished as the foremost ideals that are tantamount to the greatest good that may be attained.

Wealth Affirmations: What Works, What’s New, and Why

If you’d like to allow more money (or anything else) into your life, you may, like many others, turn to for wealth affirmations to improve the quality of your thinking. Here’s something even more effective that has the power to change your life… forever, and for good.

Life or Livelihood

Be the change or prepare to deal with the change that should be the choice for developing individuals. Survival of the fittest used to be the theme, but today it has been replaced by survival of the wisest. “Wisdom rules the roost,” this is something which has a separate realm of existence, it can’t be confined to the silo of facts, figures, logic and fundamentals, it resides inside a person, but one has to delve deep into it.

5 Secrets to Living Abundantly

All of us want this but not everyone is given the chance of living abundantly. Although it seems fairly difficult to achieve this lifestyle, it is really very simple. Discover the forgotten secrets to living abundantly and experiencing more fulfillment and joy everyday of your life.

As 2011 Is Coming to an End

Professional and personal success depends on what we think, feel and believe. Re-evaluating and setting new goals “Success, happiness, prosperity, health and well-being are a state of mind. It is something we possess within… if we do not have it within, nothing outside can give it to us.”

Yeah, Sometimes Ya Gotta Let Go

Yeah…relatives. Those close to us who are suppose to love us and want us to be happy at all cost. Relatives… those people who would never hurt us or use us often do just that. So what can we do?

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