Two Cup Method Explained Correctly / Manifest Anything With Water

Ideas For Thriving in Uncertain Times

No doubt about it, people are concerned about the uncertain economic times we find ourselves in. More specifically, their own job security, continued business success, and the value of their investment and retirement portfolios.

The Gift of Receiving

Do you find it difficult to receive from others? This article provides the giver’s perspective.

How to Live More Abundantly

Below are the three very direct steps to live more abundantly. Abundant living begins with an abundance mindset. You cannot attain abundance with a scarcity mindset. Like always attracts like. Begin now to focus on how an abundance feeling would feel.

How to Think & Grow Rich

It has been said that everything we create starts with a thought. As human beings we have the ability to shape & choose our thoughts. This is the most important task we can perform because everything we have today once started out as a thought or idea in someone’s head.

Not Everybody is Meant to Be Rich

Not everybody can be rich because there are 3 types of people in this world. There are people who don’t take action. People who say they will take action. And people who take action. It’s that simple.

This ONE Thing Will Kill Your Efforts of Manifesting Abundance Every Time

I’ve always been a very analytical, logical kind of person, something I had never been ashamed to admit. I’ve never doubted my intellectual ability and had always thought myself as more intelligent and logical than the average person.

Abundant Health Now!

Abundance is a natural state of the universe and life provide us with all we need if we will allow it. There is no shortage except in our consciousness. We have been trained not to think abundant thoughts, as it is considered to be arrogant and just useless dreamers.

Seeds of Time – The Difference in Poverty and Prosperity

Management of time is a habit of the prosperous. An indifferent attitude toward time is a good indicator that you’ll live a life of mediocrity at best.

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