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Universal Laws – Wealth And Abundance

Why is it that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? This post is to answer this question in a down-to-earth way. It is intended for those who wish to experience the vast riches that are all around them at all times, everywhere. You can get immediate results when applying the laws of life correctly. The rich are getting richer! Will you join them?

A Missing Check, a Box of Cracker Jack and Kryptonite: The Meaning Behind Our Struggle

Life is not for the faint of heart. There are times when it can all be, well, a bit overwhelming to say the least. But does it have to be? Can we find joy in the journey? I think so and here is why…

Driving Prosperity

All things come to you if you’re patient and you believe. In searching for a new car, the perfect car appeared once I was able to get out of my own way. A story about prosperity consciousness and belief.

Pay The Price, And Take It Away

We must all put in the effort, seemingly easy or seemingly hard to get what we genuinely want. So, when I say, pay the price and take it away in the title, I am talking about a law that works like gravity and the fact that what jumps must land on the ground.

Wealth Mindset – 2 Reasons You Are Not Wealthy Yet And What To Do About It!

Do you have a wealth mindset or are you allowing poverty to take control? There is abundance all around… Why not take advantage of it. Here are two ideas that will help you rethink your positioning in life.

The Age of Self-Development

I believe that we have entered a new era, a time of increasing human consciousness, a moment where we actually have the technology to vanquish poverty and ignorance-the Age of Self-Development. But this phrase, Self-Development or personal development has been heavily over-used or rather, misused. When most people hear the term Self-Development or personal development, it usually brings to mind some motivational speaker or guru who just wants to con you out of your hard earned money. And it’s true, those kinds of people are out there. I myself have found these charlatans in academia, Network Marketing, the world of real estate, and in business in general.

The Grand Rundown

The best performances sometimes come in real life, just as in sports, when there are five seconds on the clock and a chance to make a shot, goal or whatever to win the whole thing. That is what this article is about. Short-term drama, and real long-term success in real history.

Finding Abundance

I have developed a mantra, which I repeat often “I live in a state of constant abundance.” Learning to be grateful and accept that which shows up puts one in line with what the universe is willing to give to us.

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