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Money is the Root of All Evil

Is money really the root of all evil in this world? If you win a million dollars today, will it make you happy?

What is the Trademark of the Rich?

What is the trademark that all wealthy individuals exhibit? Some may say a lot of money. Others may say property wealth. Is it expensive cars or massive houses? Could it be something about their clothing? The supreme, distinctive factor between truly, successful individuals and other people who never get what they want is simply, how they respond to failure.

Step 3 to a New You – Remove the Following Words – No, Not, Don’t

Did you ever wonder how negative energy is created? Have you ever wanted to be in a more positive space? Well, one of the fastest ways to shift and uplift your energy and the energy of those around you is to remove the following 3 words…

Rich and Poor

The rich and poor of this world can be classified into five distinct categories: the starving, the poor, the financially free, the rich, and the very rich. It is worth noting that people who earn a lot of money but raise their personal spendings to match their earnings still belong in the ‘poor’ category.

Midas Touch

The Midas touch didn’t work out all that well for poor king Midas. The modern day Midas touch is not about turning things into gold – its about understanding systems and turning that understanding into profit. (Of course, you can spend that profit on gold if you wish.)

Long Run Abundance

I’ve learned a lot about abundance through lessons learned in my business. As you’ve all heard, even if you don’t own your own business you need to outsource the tasks that aren’t your strength or are time hogs. This allows you to do what you do best and therefore attract more money.

5 Quick Ways to Raise Your Prosperity Vibration

Do you know how you can spot when you are in the prosperity flow? Read on to see if you are on track or need a bit of an adjustment.

Abundance of God! Can You Unlock Prosperity With These 3 Tried and True Keys?

Are you facing a financial crisis and lacking the blessings of God in your life? Why not unlock the abundance of God in your life with these tried and true keys for prosperity!

Follow Your Bliss

Follow your bliss simply means to follow what brings you joy. It’s an easy formula for leading a fulfilled, purpose filled life. It’s why you are here on this earth.

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