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Money Answereth All Things!

While it is true that the best things in life, such as; air, oceans, trees, natural resources, happiness, health, sanity, friends, talents, and family are free, which implies that we don’t need money to attract, acquire or enjoy them, they are provided by nature itself for the benefit of mankind. How about those that are not literally the best things of life but are vital to our existence here on earth? Things such as; food, clothing, shelter, education, security, health care and so on. These are things that are not luxury but necessities, they are what we cannot live without if we as humans must grow and develop mentally, socially and even physically. The funny thing about anything you get for free is this; you are not open to any option whatsoever. You either take it or leave it. Remember the phrase – “a beggar has no choice.”

The Best Way to Earn Money!

It’s no coincidence that 97% of the world’s supply of money is in the hands of 3% of the population. They understand how to make money in massive quantities, and they’re also the one’s who are able to live the benefits of complete financial freedom! Do you want to be in this 3%?

Personal Development: You And Your Partners

In a recent training on Creating Customer Intimacy, I tabled the idea that all the communication tactics in the world would never enhance your ability to have customer intimacy. Most of us live in a world where we think we have no customers.

Growing Prosperity – Yes, You Can Thrive and Live a Long Abundant and Prosperous Life!

Are you stuck on the treadmill of life going nowhere? Does everything seem to be withering around you? Growing prosperity is possible and you can thrive and live a long, abundant, and prosperous life!

Spiritual Power – How Can Operating in the Spiritual Realm Bring Prosperity on Earth?

Why do so many people ignore their spirit being? Find out how you can increase your spiritual powers to manifest abundant prosperity in all areas of life!

Growing Prosperity – Why Not Put Angels On Assignment to Help Manifest Abundance in Your Life?

Do you realize that angels are listening to the words you speak? Find out how what you say has a tremendous effect on angels and can put them on assignment!

Being Grateful For What You Have – Are You?

Can being grateful overcome worry, anxiety and stress? Will being grateful improve your well-being and increase your prosperity and abundance? Check out the research results, get a perspective and take action so you can be more in-control, anxiety-free and prosperous.

Rhonda Byrne’s The Power: Is The Packaging The Problem?

A common reason people attack The Secret (and now, Rhonda Byrne’s sequel, The Power) is that it promotes a self-centered and “consumerist” attitude. Byrne, critics say, encourages us to focus on “manifesting” luxury cars, expensive shoes, and so on, rather than on helping others.

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