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The Color of Abundance

There is only abundance. Color life with a flourish of joy or sorrow. Thriving or surviving is determined by the individual setting thought into motion.

Myth of Survival As Reality

Survival or Thrival? It’s a choice each makes. There is only abundance, abundance of the wanted and unwanted experience.

This Article Is Called Money Or The Game Of Life

Energy and gratitude or manifesting what you genuinely want by not taking anything for granted. That is what “to them that have, more will be given and to them that have not what little they have will be taken away” in the Christian Bible comes down to as a principle. Without gratitude, and attention to energy and power, you cannot gain anything. But, with gratitude and attention to energy, everything is possible.

Tapping the Money Tree

There is so much talk in the world, especially the business world these days, about being AUTHENTIC. And whenever I read this I always wonder to myself – Does anyone out there really know what being authentic actually is, net alone how to implement this into your business or your life.

Defining What Matters

There are no apps to assure success but how you define significance makes a world of difference. Our work or what we have is not what gives significance. We need help in defining success, wealth and what is enough. Ironically we discover the enduring values not in quest of our passion but more when we are between a rock and a hard place.

Law of Attraction Is An Incomplete Science

The law of attraction is incomplete because many use it wrong. Get your mind right and the law of attraction begins to creep up on ya, and I hope you don’t startle easily.

What Is In It For Me, What Is In It For You?

Although this is under the heading abundance and prosperity, this will be a rather humorous, yet informative article about service, achieving goals and striving past problems you meet when achieving goals and doing good service. Think about it, life is what we make it all the authorities and experts say. Yet when face with the same problems and adverse conditions, these same authorities and experts have the same questions about how to succeed past their own problems.

Recognize Your Importance

You know it happens all the time; you’re getting set to finally start that project, the one you’re really looking forward to, and then the phone rings. It’s your neighbor from next door and she wants you to go shopping with her. So what do you do?

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