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Un-Wealthy Habit 8 – Comparing Oneself to Others

Un-wealthy people look at those who are better or worse than themselves to evaluate their own progress in life. They always find someone smarter and wealthier who makes them feel insecure. They judge others to reaffirm to themselves that they are not that bad.

Un-Wealthy Habit 7 – Complaining

Un-wealthy people spend precious time focusing on what is out of their control. As there is no possibility to change these circumstances, the feeling of helplessness sinks in. Un-wealthy people feel that luck has an extraordinary impact on their lives, and they focus on what is affecting them negatively.

Un-wealthy Habit 2 – Being Greedy

Un-wealthy people focus on maximizing what they get for their money instead of choosing freely. They love “a great value” and seek opportunities to make the most of whatever resources they have, without considering any other variable. They don’t realize that focusing on “getting a good deal” leaves them with a low sense of worth and prevents them from creating opportunities to increase their revenues.

The Ten Un-Wealthy Habits

Most people I know are not happy with their wealth. They work very hard, they save, they read books, they try this or that, and for some reason they are stuck. They are doing the right things, yet at the same time they are thinking and acting in ways that prevent them from achieving results. They are being held back by one or more of the ten un-wealthy habits. Becoming aware and managing these habits had a profound effect on people’s wealth.

Power of Beliefs – Muscle Test Your Way to More Abundance

Sometimes, our subconscious beliefs can actually be serving a purpose, protecting us until the time is right for change to happen. There are pay-offs, reasons we don’t change when we say we want to and the super conscious mind knows when it’s “safe” for us to create change in our lives, when we are READY for it.

A Recession-Proof Life – Practical Tips

Consider some practical tips to begin a new mindset of debt-free Recession-proof living. Remember like any other discipline, the initial steps can be challenging.

Un-Wealthy Habit 6 – Preferring Instant Gratification

Un-wealthy people use their present to sabotage their future. They don’t take care of their resources in a way that makes their wealth increase with time. They misconstrue the philosophy of “living in the present” and forget that the future is built today, not yesterday and not tomorrow.

Un-Wealthy Habit 5 – Overspending

Un-wealthy people think that it is normal to be stressed about paying for things that they cannot afford. Because they are overwhelmed with their spending habits, they allow money to take happiness away from their lives. Money does not make you happy, but overspending can take happiness away from you.

Un-Wealthy Habit 4 – Using Money to Measure Happiness

Un-wealthy people think money drives happiness. They think the more money you have, the happier you are, and vice versa. For them, however, happiness is perpetually waiting to happen, because they think about their wealthier future, and they feel they need more, regardless of how much they already have right now.

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