Why You Should Not Wear a Dead Person’s Clothes | Sadhguru

Can You Be Rich and Spiritual?

Did you know that you are wealthy? Great sages and saints have discovered that the kingdom of heaven is within. Despite this truth many of us were conditioned to believe that riches, wealth and money were associated with evil. The more accurate perception is that the lack of money can cause some people to do desperate things.

Are You Really Seeing It?

Are you really seeing what your life could be like? Or do you close your eyes and say to yourself “not again!”

The Power of Appreciation

Why is it so easy to have a “lacking” mindset? Why must we continue the dangerous act of comparing ourselves to others?

Your Purposeful Passion Is Your Best Sales Partner

What do you think happens to you when you are living your purpose and feeling passionate it? Let’s break this up into severals parts just for our discussion – let’s talk about what happens to you spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Is It Harvest Time Yet?

Did you know that you have been given a great opportunity in MLM/Network Marketing? The ability over a period of time to create for yourself a continual stream of income that can set you free from financial worries.

2012: Manifesting Like Magic

The Veil between the two worlds is becoming thinner each day and the time between our desiring to manifest something and it showing up is narrowing. It will continue narrowing until we reach the 5th Dimension when we will fully remember how to manifest instantaneously. Right now though, as we near the end of 2012, manifesting has become like magic. It can literally take as little as 2 days to manifest your desires.

The Cool New Manifesting Thing – Try It!

We all are always manifesting, every single day – and we always have been. We created ourselves into this life. We create our lives. We’ve created what is inside and outside of our lives (but really there is no “outside”). So what is the key to this new way of manifesting?…

YING and YANG LIVING Wisdom and Wellness: Changing Your Mind, Changing the World

When you are able to change your thoughts and subsequently your mind, then you are able to change yourself. When you change yourself, you change other people, and you ultimately change the world.

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