Why Your Prayers Are Not Answered When You Call For Help / The Secret

Abundance Requires More Than Wishful Thinking

If you want to get ahead, you need the right mindset. However, abundance requires more than positive visualizations and wishful thinking. Hope isn’t enough.

Discover Your True Wealth

Have you ever noticed when you start being grateful for the little things in your life you realize that more things enter your life to be grateful for? This is the attitude of gratitude.

Life is Full of Mystery

The law of attraction is always guiding you, whether it be towards your best life or your worst. What are you paying attention? Listen to your feelings to guide you forward into living to your highest potential.

The Master Key to Abundance

Joe Vitale helps people to achieve freedom from limiting financial beliefs. During the EFT-tapping sessions and audio courses you can release inner-conflicts around money. You will totally transform your relationship to money so you are not stressed out about where the next paycheck is coming from. Your intuition will dramatically increase and heal your financial beliefs instantly in radically new ways you never imagined. Money Beyond Belief EFT tapping system will eliminate the subconscious blocks you have toward making money and finally free you to create the wealth you deserve.

Safe is the New Risky

How the economic system of the world has changed over time and how that affects us all today. No longer is there such a thing as a “safe job”. Information has become more powerful than ever and to succeed in the future you must know how to develop and manage it.

How Wealthy Do You Feel?

What does the word ‘wealthy’ mean to you? I was asked today by a curious reporter whether I was wealthy or not.

Personal Achievement 101 – Simplify Your Life

Personal development experts, work life balance consultants, and life fulfillment coaches can agree these past few years has shown millions of Americans the perils of becoming a society that is addicted to more. Isn’t it time to shake your economic addiction to more and to focus on living a life that is valued, savored, shared and enjoyed.

The Secret to Manifesting Money

You have heard about the ones who held on to “the secret,” who kept the secret and the law of attraction to themselves. The people who understand attracting money, and those who don’t often have very different circumstance. You don’t need to be concerned any longer that something is being kept from you. You have the secret in your hand, and the power to attract every resource you need from the endless abundance that creation has to offer.

Lifepath Discovery Series Breaks Down the Law of Attraction to the Simplest Form

I gained some insightful and definitive information that have led to a better understanding of this law. Micheal Losier, Author of “Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and Less of What You Don’t” states that the key ingredient to the Law of Attraction is matching vibrations. Attracting more of what you want may be achieved by sending out vibes and statements into the universe attesting that fact.

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