Write This 7 Times And Put Under Pillow Then See What Happens

What it Takes to Be a Millionaire

As of last count there are 9.3 million American households with a net worth greater than $1 million. This number continues to grow. Recent research has identified some common characteristics of these “New Rich” in America.

Living in Abundance by Making Friends With Yourself

There are many ways of making friends with yourself and certainly many methods. The most effective way I have found was to bring my conscious mind and my subconscious-mind together and keep them together constantly by watching and observing myself.

The Power of Knowledge

Does it always follow that people having widespread knowledge eventually get to rule the world? During our childhood, parents and elders would endlessly encourage us to study well and be very diligent in all our undertakings. We were always made to believe that knowledge begets power and wisdom will allow us to soar to far reaching heights in the future.

Prosperous Living – How to Break the Poverty Cycle and Manifest the Abundance of God!

Stuck in a cycle of lack are you? Would you like to break free and discover what is holding you back? Find out how to use your power to prosper and tap into the abundance of God. Begin to manifest His blessings in your life!

212 Degrees at the O2

You could be forgiven for thinking this was a huge corporate event, provocatively staged as an extravagant statement of success, when all around are wallowing in media recession and misery. No. This is a meeting of aspiring entrepreneur millionaires.

Self-Improvement is Not For Sissies!

So, where are on your journey for self-improvement? It seems my whole life has been in that direction. Constant changing and growth, accepting new challenges. I don’t sit still for long and sometimes it feels as though I can’t NOT go forward. Frustrating sometimes also.

Proving Ourselves In This World – The Hard Path to Prosperity

When I am proving to others how cool or great I am I forget to listen. I lose my connection to others and sources greater than myself, it is not allowing a deeper power within you to be present. Proving is a state of mind that you have to make more effort in order to make an impression onto others or society as a whole.

How To Live A Prudent Life Without Strife

Always have a budget, stick to it, have a budget that caters for the very important needs. Reduce your shopping habit, not all you see in a shop must go home with you.

Financial Freedom Starting Point

You must know where you are before you can decide where you are going. Many people become excited about their new goals but fail to keep this energy and motivation going. Continue reading to find out how you can create consistency in your life.

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