Write This 7 Times Put Under Pillow Part 2 / Questions And Answers

The Value of Being Clueless

I’ve recently realized that the secret to my rapid business growth in the last year is that I actually have no idea what I’m doing. From one month to the next, I have no business plan, no elaborate enrollment system, no growth strategy…and that’s a wonderful thing!

Bringing Money Out of Hiding

Money remains one of those “inappropriate” things that we just don’t talk about. What if we all started talking about money, openly and comfortably, regardless of how much we have or don’t have?

Transformational Alchemy

Today one can go to a Workshop/Seminar on almost anything. Even in this poor economy people are traveling the world to find the Conventions that promise to fulfill their dreams and improve their lives.

Simple Abundance

The workaholic frenzy of the late twentieth century disconnected many of us from the deeper abundance that can only come from great relationships, good health, and free time. Sure, we had lots of stuff, but there was also a gnawing sense that something important was missing.

Manifest Money, Abundance, and Prosperity by Asking For What You Really Want

When you want to manifest money, or anything else in your life, it is important to remember to ask for what you really want, and not what you need, or think you should want. This is important because, when you manifest, you use your emotions as a way of communicating with your subconscious mind, along with images of your preferred reality.

Decide That Wealth Is Important

Anyone who says that ‘something’ isn’t important doesn’t have any of that ‘something’. Wealthy people understand the importance of ‘money’, respects ‘money’, understands ‘money’ and the place ‘money’ has in our society. Do you?

How to Harness the Energy of Money

Money – we all want more of it. We want more to come in and less to go out. Money is a major concern for the majority of the business owners with whom I have been speaking recently.

Law of Attraction and Prosperity – The Prosperity Game

Do you want more money?, do you want to know how your thoughts and emotions can literally attract more money into your experience. If the answer is yes to the last two questions, you may want to read this article law of attraction and prosperity.

Today Has Got Great Possibility!

Waking up with a fresh me look on the day ahead is a feeling most of us look forward to. The problem is that these days sometimes come few and far between. However, the day that comes in bright and cheery fills us with that feeling of great possibility. No matter what we are attempting to conquer may be conquered. Seeing that the start of a new year makes most of us reach into our souls and swear to change some old habit we are trying to shake off or to stick to some new life style change we are attempting to stick to can give us that reason to go on.

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